Dating a smith and wesson pistol Sexhool

Smith and Wesson Sigma SW40VE Pistol Review Smith and Wesson model SW40VE.

Smith Wesson Bodyguard Bodyguard 380 auto & .38 revolver.

Some models are not as fast selling as others and although a reference book shows serial numbers and list's years when they shipped, it can only be considered a general idea of that model as I have seen some that shipped several years after these books show them to due to a less Popular status or demand for them.

Here is a direct link to the Factory letter I spoke of and the Excellent reference book the Poster before me mentions that can be ordered from your computer and shipped to your front door.

FACTORY LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY - S&W charges for a formal letter of authenticity.

Below you will find some visual examples of where to look for the serial number on your S&W handgun.Another excellent book written by the factory Historion Roy Jinks is also shown and I have it as well and I highly suggest it as a Great choice.I hope this helps, Hammer It Id=10504 Navy Joe, That's easy.Accordingly, the Hand Ejectors have been divided into two sections - the Early Hand Ejectors include the named models introduced prior to 1958.The Numbered Model Revolvers are the models introduced or continued after that date, and are easily identified by the model number stamped on the side of the frame, visible when the cylinder is open. Sal Raimondi, Jim Supica, Rick Nahas, and Roy Jinks, the S&W Historian, for their updates and valuable contributions.Current manufacturer located in Springfield, MA, 1857 to date. to import, sell, and market all Walther products in the U. In 1957, S&W began a system of numbering all models they made.


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