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With enticing natural attractions and forward-thinking authorities, especially in Mallorca’s case, the image transformation hasn’t been too problematic.

Millions have been invested in cleaning up the streets and improving counter-resort culture tourist infrastructures, such as hiking and cycling routes, upmarket rural and metropolitan accommodation, yachting facilities and conference centres, while legislation has been brought in to curb late-night booze-driven behaviour.

By Anna Norman and Patrick Welch While they haven’t completely shaken their reputations for soulless resorts and lairy hedonism – with some justification, it has to be said – the two largest islands of the Balearic archipelago have nonetheless experienced something of an image transformation over the past decade.

Skip the line of tourists clamoring to get a Harry Potter Hogwarts bratwurst and head to this hole in the wall on Hollywood Boulevard for better and cheaper hot dogs.

Mc Kinnon Abril (Ben) Collection, mid-20th century Two photograph albums, photographs.

There are a few items from her adulthood, but most of the collection is from her high school years.

Also, certain foods can damage your enamel, which is the white layer on the surface of your teeth that gives them their sheen.

The layer below the enamel is called dentin, which is considerably less […] No one likes to have cavities.


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