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A new survey reveals that the majority of women develop a greater sense of sexual freedom post-menopause A new survey has revealed that the majority of women feel sexually liberated and are more active after going through menopause.

At first glance, this information seems surprising.All of it." She also stated: “You can have sex with 50,000 people, you can do drugs until the cows come home.But the void that you're trying to fill is a void that's been put there by the Creator and it's called purpose and destiny and until you accept that you're going to walk around the living dead." Some listeners took to Twitter to comment on Dr Bynum’s confession.But the void that you’re trying to fill is a void that’s been put there by the Creator, and it’s called purpose and destiny.And until you accept that, you’re going to walk around with the living dead," she said.But growing churches often reach new Christians who have not established healthy giving patterns.


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